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22nd August, 2014

Clients who won’t take advice

Practitioners sometimes encounter clients who choose not to accept their advice. These situations can be difficult, as practitioners are not only entitled but required to follow their client’s instructions (subject to specific exceptions) yet are under a duty to act in the client’s best interests. When in this situation, try to understand why your client […]


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Property/Mortgages 1st September, 2014

Lessons to note

Recent cases confirm practitioners fail to record advice at their peril. The need for practitioners to keep proper written records of instructions and advice is a well-worn risk management message. Two decisions in New South Wales in the last two years have reminded us why this message is so important, especially where the practitioner is […]

Practice Management 1st August, 2014

How to identify risks

There are many things practitioners can do to avoid claims. A good start is to consider ways you can identify risks in your office. Ask all staff to help identify risks and seek their input on how they believe things could be improved, such as the way processes and procedures are carried out. It could […]


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