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4th April, 2014

When it really is a promise

Which of the following, coming from a lawyer, is not an undertaking? A: (in a meeting) My client will pay your costs relating to this application on the applicable court scale, to be taxed in default of payment. B: (in an email) I undertake to provide the notice of acquisition of an interest in land […]


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Practice Management 2nd April, 2014

The cost of neglect

Little supervision of lawyers and clerks equals big risk for principals. We often make the point that legal practices cannot manage risk effectively without proactive supervision of employed lawyers and clerks – notwithstanding their competence and diligence. Moreover, cases such as Legal Practitioners Complaints Committee and Benari [2005] WASAT 213 confirm that practitioners must have […]

Practice Management 5th March, 2014

To undertake or not to undertake…

The Law Institute of Victoria Council recently adopted a guideline relating to practitioner’s undertakings. It distinguishes between client undertakings given by a practitioner and personal undertakings given by practitioners.  It refers to the obligations in the Professional Conduct and Practice Rules 2005 and reminds practitioners they should not give an undertaking relating to matters outside […]


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