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17th July, 2015

Potential risks of acting for an attorney

Practitioners need to be aware of the potential risks of receiving instructions from an attorney. LPLC has received a number of claims where an attorney has provided instructions to a practitioner where the power of attorney (POA) was not valid, the attorney was acting outside their authority or the attorney was acting fraudulently. In one […]


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Practice Management 28th July, 2015

Risk video bite – Engagement letters – what you will do and what you won’t

Presented by Miranda Milne, Chief  Executive Officer, LPLC Text Version Engagement letters – what you will do and what you won’t There is more to retainer management than simply complying with legislative cost disclosure requirements. A critical part of managing a retainer effectively is setting it up clearly at the start. Getting it right in […]

26th July, 2015

2015/2016 LPLC solicitors master policy for ‘run-off’ liabilities

Legal Practitioners’ Liability Committee master policy for ‘run-off’ liabilities – solicitors 2015/2016 Recitals The Legal Practitioners’ Liability Committee (‘the Insurer’) is the Insurer of legal practitioners practising in Victoria during the period of insurance from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016. Practitioners and firms engaged in legal practice during the period of insurance are required […]


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